With his band exTENded the Cologne-based saxophone player and composer Stefan Karl Schmid presents a large ensemble consisting out of seven horn players and rhythm section.

The compositions are all originals from the band leader and create an individual sound scape through smart utilisation of compositional tools and musical refinement. Dexterous and thoughtful tunes reveal space for the joyful unfolding of the creative interpreters.

With his top-class line-up of national and international profiled Jazz musicians this unveils many beautiful moments. The listening experience is expanded and the music seduces with conventional-free beautiness, rife with nonorthodox sounds and surprises in the details. Music that inspires, for the musing epicure.

Malte Dürrschnabel - as, fl, cl
Stefan Karl Schmid - ts, ss, cl, fl
Niels Klein - bs, cl, bcl, c-acl
Christoph Moschberger - trp, flgh
Frederik Köster - trp, flgh
Tobias Wember - trb
Max Von Einem - trb
Max Frankl - git
Robert Landfermann - b
Jens Düppe -dr

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Doublemoon Records 2012
Jazzthing Next Generation

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