A lot of great music is being released these days. Despite the difficult financial circumstances for Jazz releases many artists keep creating great stuff and put all their energy into making beautiful records. I was lucky to be part of two very special projects that now have been released. On the one hand this is Sebastian Boehlen who has written very challenging and exciting music for quintet. On the other hand Dierk Peters put together a six piece band where I had the pleasure to play only clarinets. Please feel free to check the music out and buy a CD if you like it!

Dierk Peters - vib | Stefan Karl Schmid - cl, bcl
Bastian Stein - trp, flgh | Laurent Derache - acc
David Helm - b | Fabian Arends - dr

Sebastian Böhlen - git | Magnus Schriefl - trp
Stefan Karl Schmid - sax | Max Leiß - b
Peter Gall - dr


Klaus Graf and I did a nice quartet concert at Jazzstudio Nürnberg last Wednesday. Marco Kühnl on bass and Julian Fau on drums joined us for a very special evening of Jerry Bergonzi music, some original material and extended soloing. Lukas Diller took some great pictures:


A few days ago the debut album of the Shannon Barnett Quartet was released on Doublemoon records. We recorded the album directly after our Australia tour last November and it turned out very nicely. Check out the music HERE. To buy a copy please get in touch with Shannon.

YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II - Subway Jazz Orchestra

Here's a little impression of our 'YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II' concert with the Subway Jazz Orchestra from last April. At the beginning of this year we asked the audience to tell us their favorite tunes. Eight fantastic composers from Cologne picked one tune each and arranged it for the band. In the video you hear Martin Gasser's version of the Björk title 'Black Lake' (with a long tenor solo of mine in the middle :-)


New CD out now by the REZA ASKARI TRIO - ROAR (klaeng records). Great music and beautiful artwork, feat. Reza Askari on bass, Fabian Arends on drums, Sebastian Müller on guitar and myself on tenor, soprano and clarinet. Get your copy HERE.