A lot of great music is being released these days. Despite the difficult financial circumstances for Jazz releases many artists keep creating great stuff and put all their energy into making beautiful records. I was lucky to be part of two very special projects that now have been released. On the one hand this is Sebastian Boehlen who has written very challenging and exciting music for quintet. On the other hand Dierk Peters put together a six piece band where I had the pleasure to play only clarinets. Please feel free to check the music out and buy a CD if you like it!

Dierk Peters - vib | Stefan Karl Schmid - cl, bcl
Bastian Stein - trp, flgh | Laurent Derache - acc
David Helm - b | Fabian Arends - dr

Sebastian Böhlen - git | Magnus Schriefl - trp
Stefan Karl Schmid - sax | Max Leiß - b
Peter Gall - dr